Val d'Isère Hotels

The choice of hotels in the ski resort is pretty much restricted to the main settlement in the valley - Val d'Isère Centre (although there are a couple of hotels in La Daille which are listed near the bottom of the page). Many of the establishments are clustered around the T-junction at the bottom of the lifts or located on the main road through the valley near the tourist office and bus stops.

Some of the hotels are traditional accommodation which date back to the 1940s and 50s when Val d'Isère started to become fashionable amongst the movers and shakers. Others are brand new luxury operations.

The listings below are at the more luxurious end of the market but if you would like to check the availability of all types of accommodation for your ski break, fill in the appropriate dates in the box below:


Five Star Hotels

Hotel Avenue Lodge
Hotel Avenue Lodge, Val d'IsèreAvenue Olympique
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 00 67 67
The Avenue Lodge is located in the main part of the resort only 250 metres from the ski lifts. It offers more than 50 rooms with a traditional Savoyard theme.
Hotel Les Barmes de l'Ours
Hotel Les Barmes de l'Ours, Val d'IsèreChemin des Carats
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 41 37 00
This hotel was built in 2003 and is situated at the bottom of the famous Bellevarde run. It has nearly 80 rooms and suites and each of the four floors of the hotel is furnished and decorated in a different style.
Hotel Le Blizzard
Hotel Le Blizzard, Val d'IsèreAvenue Olympique
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 02 07
The Blizzard is another hotel located near the end of the Face de Bellevarde run in the centre of the main village. It is a chalet-style building with a mixture of rooms, suites and apartments.
Hotel Christiania
Hotel Christiania, Val d'IsèreRue du Parc des Sports
73152 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 08 25
Another centrally-situated luxury hotel in the main village, the Christiania has around 70 rooms and suites. The hotel was a well-known gathering point for the rich and famous in the post-war period and has been extensively renovated since then.
Hotel Le Savoie
Hotel Le Savoie, Val d'IsèreAvenue Olympique
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 00 01 15
The Hotel Le Savoie was originally opened in 1937 and has been in the hands of the Giraud family for four generations. Located on the main street in the central part of the village, the hotel has 25 suites and rooms.

Four Star Hotels

Hotel L'Aigle des Neiges
Hotel L'Aigle des Neiges, Val d'IsèrePlace de l'Eglise
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 18 88
The Aigle des Neiges is located very close to the slopes in the main village of the resort. Built in a traditional wood and stone chalet style, the hotel offers over 100 rooms as well as seminar facilities.
Hotel Le Brussels
Hotel Le Brussels, Val d'IsèreAvenue des Télépheriques
73151 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 05 39
The Brussels was opened in the 1950s at the base of the slopes in the main village. Now it has more than 50 rooms and a new wellness centre.
Hotel Grand Paradis
Hotel Grand Paradis, Val d'IsèreFront de Neige
73151 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 11 73
Another four-star hotel in the main village at the bottom of the lifts, the Grand Paradis has been modernised and now boasts 40 rooms and suites as well as a popular restaurant.
Hotel Ormelune
Hotel Ormelune, Val d'IsèreRue Noël Machet
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 12 93
The colourful Hotel Ormelune is a family-run hotel in the central part of the main village. It is located between the centre and the ski slopes and has nearly 50 rooms.
Hotel Tsanteleina
Hotel Tsantleleina, Val d'IsèreAvenue Olympique
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 12 13
The Hotel Tsanteleina is a large chalet-style establishment in the centre of the main resort village and within easy walking distance of the ski slopes.

Hotels in La Daille

La Daille is the smaller settlement at the base of the lifts at the beginning of Val d'Isère. Much of the accommodation here is self-catering, but there a couple of hotels available.

Hotel Le Samovar
Hotel Le Samovar, Val d'IsèreLa Daille
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 06 13 51
The Le Samovar is a three-star hotel in La Daille opposite the famous OK ski run. It has 18 rooms but also offers six family-size chalets on a self-catering basis.
Hotel La Tovière
Hotel La Tovière, Val d'IsèreLa Daille
73150 Val d'Isère
Tel: 04 79 55 61 18
The three-star La Tovière is located on the other side of the road from the base station of the Funival in La Daille, with around 30 rooms.

Val d'Isère Apartments

While almost all of the hotels are located in the main village area, self-catering accommodation can be found in all settlements up and down the main road which links them.

The two main hamlets outside the central area - La Daille and Le Fornet - are principally made up of apartments and chalets.

Those visiting France again after a time away should no longer be worried about the poorly-furnished rabbit hutches which used to be a feature of French apartment blocks. Nowadays, luxury apartment blocks with facilities rivalling those of hotels are available in almost all resorts.

Our accommodation fulfilment partners deal with many of the apartment providers in Val d'Isère. Click to see what is available during the time you are planning to take a ski holiday: